Big-T brought down the house
at the AIDS Interfaith Charity Gala

Nothing sounds more dynamic
than a live big band orchestra!

Struttin’ through the stadium at
The Sounds of Lewisville

Big-T belts out swing, blues,
and classic rock favorites!

This charmer knows how to make
every bride feel like the belle of the ball!

Big-T got the crowd on its feet at
The National Agents Alliance
annual convention

Live from London, Big-T opens for
superstar entertainer Max Bygraves!

Pouring his soul into
a romantic ballad

GlobalTec invited Big-T & the Bada-Bings
to perform at WizeFest two years in a row

Listening to the horns at the TimeFlyz
celebration for United Airlines

Big-T keeps things swingin’!

Audience participation is
highly encouraged!

Craig “Big-T” Thompson gets a hug from
former MSNBC host Ashley Banfield

Big-T with his wife, Leslie, and
astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The band cools off behind the scenes
at an outdoor show

Big-T warms up for an impromptu
performance at a small jazz club in Tokyo